Project Background
What comes to mind when you think of the color green? For some people, it is nature. This project is centered around the goal of creating an advertising campaign for the color #d0ff14 or arctic lime. For the first step of this project research was necessary to learn additional meanings, themes, moods, and items associated with arctic lime. After acquiring further knowledge on the color, the second step required brainstorming and picturing potential methods to market this color. For this purpose, creating a mood board was necessary for this process and allowed me to visualize the various types of green products that were already developed and marketed. After considering multiple ideas, my research motivated me to design a product that focused on hygiene and skincare for people of all skin types which were developed in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as a result.
Deliverables: Merchandise, Posters, Billboards, Website Landing Page, Installation, Partnership
Sublime Poster
Website Landing Page
The Sublime installation is a room that features as a steam room with primarily green fog for social media influencers and people that love visiting trendy spots in general. The room also features as a space where visitors can experience and enjoy the sublime scent for themselves.
Partnership with the Fab Five
What I learned
Throughout the duration of this project, conducting research was a requirement for me to better understand various factors such as the feelings associated with colors. Learning terminologies that are commonly used for skincare products was important in order to further align with potential audiences. Lastly, another important lesson learned during this process was the significance of pairing appropriate influencers with products. Since the product designed was related to hygiene and skin care, it was necessary to include the “Fab Five” who are advocates for living healthy and authentic lifestyles.

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