Project Background
People all around the world have dreams that they hope to accomplish. People also participate in different activities to get closer to reaching their dreams by making wishes, writing them down, purchasing lucky charms and more. In Japan, Daruma are a type of lucky charm or engimono 縁起物. Daruma are one of my favorite types of items to collect because they symbolize resilience, never giving up, and commitment to a persons dreams. Therefore, for this project it was my mission as the designer of Japanese Culture club my college to educate and inform fellow colleagues about this aspect of Japanese culture. In addition to researching the history, usage, and types of Daruma that exist. The motivation behind this was to create easy to understand content that viewers can also enjoy viewing and learning about and also utilize my Japanese writing and communicative capabilities. The softwares used for this project were Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
Deliverables: Posters, Merchandise
Japanese Blog Link
Social Media Posters
Social Media Outreach

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