Hello! My name is Arin and I raise awareness of real world issues through meaningful designs and create effective solutions. My first introduction to design was in elementary school through KidPix, a software designed for children. It provides a digital canvas for design which is similar to many current software today. In addition to attending a performing arts elementary school during the weekdays and reading Japanese comics on the weekends, my appreciation for art and design grew and I knew I would like to pursue a career where I could be creative. These are some of the many factors that motivated me to choose to major in New Media Technology at Laguardia Community College and eventually major in Digital Communications and Multimedia at Queens College through the CUNY BA program. When I am not designing, I enjoy studying Japanese to familiarize myself with cultures other than my own and embrace a global perspective. I also enjoy visiting art galleries and design meetups to seek inspiration and familiarize myself with a broader range of design techniques. Have a question or project you would like to collaborate on? Let's connect and join forces!
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